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Mountain Wonder
Wednesday, 25 October 2006
The power of procratination is that it reduced the power to success.
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: by Dottie Isbell
Topic: Writing
Last month our topic was The Power of Procrastination. I was not aware of the designated topic until I arrived at the meeting.  I wrote 2 lines....
The power of procrastination is that it reduced the power to success.
I have 2 granddaughters, Deborah Isbell Martinez and Debra Herman Martinez.  The latter, Debra, has quite a powerful position with a large company.  Her daily distribution list of e-mails go to between 500 and a 1000.
(including Charles Forbes, for instance) the day after I sent her my quote she sent it as her only  message to her entire distribution list recipients with my name at the bottom.
Needless to  say I was  amazed and pleased.

Posted by maggiebishop1 at 9:29 AM EDT
Tuesday, 17 October 2006
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: by Pearle Munn Bishop
Topic: Writing

Power, power, power.  I have power.  It will come.  But I have the power to postpone it.  Daily I take my vitamins, my calcium, drink at least eight glasses of water, take walks -- in sunshine, if possible.  I get a mammogram every year, though I hate it when that woman presses my breast between two piences of cold metal.  If a doctor wants to cut on me, I say, sure, take my tonsils, my appendices, my gall bladder.  You can even have my ovaries.  For someone whose favorite foods are fried chicken and banana pudding, I still do pretty good with food.  I fasten my seat belt.  Mama and my Bible tell me it's better on the other side of that river, but I'm going to pospone my trip as long as I can.

Hey, anybody want to go for a burger, fries, and a giant Pepsi?

Posted by maggiebishop1 at 9:46 AM EDT
The Power of Procrastination
Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: by Maggie Bishop
Topic: Writing

Procrastination has the innate power of doing nothing.  It doesn't matter if it is something a person wants to do, needs to do or has to do -- fear comes into it.

The fear of not measuring up to a standard set by self or others.  The fear of doing well and surprising self.  The fear of letting go and having to fill the void with yet another project.  The fear of tackling something so big.

Admitting the fear, exposing the weakness, breaking a big project into small segments can dissolve the power.

Posted by maggiebishop1 at 9:39 AM EDT
Saturday, 17 September 2005
Writing is a mind game
Mood:  bright
Topic: Writing
Writing is play, frustration, eagerness, willingness, an opening up, unfolding, revealing then reveling in what is found. You trick yourself into another world, one you have created, then play tricks on the characters.
There is alchemy between thoughts (mental), spelling (logical) and the fingers on the keyboard or holding a pen (physical).
Writing can come from minor disruptions, from calm deep seas or from major atmospheric disturbances in life. All is different yet the same. It depends on the level of attention. Seekers are too needy; discoverers are too daring; explorers are too curious. Yet, a part of those characteristics are present in writers. All involve sustained effort.

Posted by maggiebishop1 at 8:43 AM EDT
Who says we have a purpose?
Mood:  not sure
Topic: People
Memories are the islands of experience. The sea of life is white noise, the ocean is mostly desert. Much of life is void of unusual, creative, illuminating thought. The same phrases run in a loop in the mind.
We are animals, after all. My cat sits and stares for decades of minutes. Is he on "stand by" status? Available but disengaged.
Who says we have a purpose? What purpose is a purpose? A trick of the psyche to make our time seem more worthwhile? What purpose has my cat? Was he born to give me pleasure? That's so ego-centric. If I have to have a purpose, so should everything that exists. The sun's purpose is to provide exploding energy. The rock's purpose is to be hurled at the right time. The ocean's purpose is to influence weather patterns, to hold water, to provide a medium for life.
Or is it all non-sense? We create a purpose to give life meaning, to prevent lethargy and depression.
Then there are shifting purposes. Beyond the different stages of life, each bit of each day can be broken into bit-purposes. We eat to satisfy hunger; we talk to interact.
Many of the self-imposed pressures of life dissolve when the idea of a purpose is released.
Maybe this life is a vacation, even for those that struggle. Rather than being a training school or a testing ground, it is a reward, a breathing space, a blink, a dream. If so, what is it a break from? The real life of being pure energy. We slow down the pulsing to rest. Those who lead frantic lives feel the pull to return to pure energy stronger than the "couch potatoes."

Posted by maggiebishop1 at 8:37 AM EDT
Human Nature
Mood:  lazy
Topic: People
During my time on the ocean on a Carribean cruise in September, life relaxed and my mind calmed. The vibration of the ship's engines, the rock of the waves from the offshore hurricane made the ocean rock and roll. It was sometimes soothing, sometimes disturbing. It was always welcoming as a distruption of the steady rhythm of ordinary life.
Life is 30% sleep, 50% habit and only 20% unusual. That 20% is the catalyst that makes the other times worthwhile. The outgoing person embraces the unusual. The introvert fears it.
It's what forces the synapses to grow, strengthen and replace the worn out pathways. Change and stimulation are the "refresh" buttons of the mind. Stagnation is easy--the short cut to the end of life. Loss of the sense of adventure allows the phantom of fear to dominate. This phantom surfaces in the guise of comfort, familiarity, security and habit.

Posted by maggiebishop1 at 7:13 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 17 September 2005 7:17 AM EDT
Tuesday, 21 December 2004
Water in Many Forms
Topic: Water
Water in the Appalachians pulses with energy. It crashes over boulders while heading steeply downhill, babbles out of a spring in the hollar and flows with grace through the Granny Hole swimming place. Imagine the underground arteries that refresh the acres of maples, poplars and Christmas trees that populate the hillsides and deep valleys.
As droplets in the air, the fog rises and the clouds settle quieting the birds for hours at a time. A blanket of white stillness bathes the shrubs and tree branches with moisture.
Winter water oozes out of the cliffsides to form curtains of ice cycles, clear at first then clouding as the sun warms them and the night refreezes them. In the morning sun, bare tree branches glisten with a coat of ice. Banks are laced with thin patterns of frozen water which twinkles as the creek rushes beneath.
Hoar frost pushes up from the ground and crunches when stepped upon. Sugar, Beech, Appalachian and Hawks Nest ski slopes push around piles of fresh and man-made snow to groom slopes to perfection.
In the spring and summer, white water rafters on the New River bounce and paddle with glee. Climbers scale the cliffs formed through the ages from water wearing away the easy stuff. Anglers know exactly when the trout streams are restocked and don waders to lure the fish from the cold water.
Water is a major force in this year around wonderland.

Maggie Bishop

Posted by maggiebishop1 at 12:55 PM EST
The Air Up Here
Topic: Air
It is true, you know, the air is different up here in the North Carolina mountains. It's crisper, lighter and fresher than that off the mountain. Not so rare as atop Pikes Peak at 14,000 feet. At that altitude, you are aware of your heart beating, the labor to breathe, and the lack of stamina. Not here in the Appalachians. In just a couple of breaths, you stand taller, your step is brisker, and a shine comes into your eyes. It's an internal change that eases your whole attitude into a smile. You want to walk in the woods, inhale the pine scent, stop by a waterfall and feel the negative ions brighten and heighten the joy in your life. Problems fade for a while. When they are revisited, they are diminished. They can be surmounted now that you've absorbed the ancient winds of wisdom blowing through the trees, up the creeks and over the mountain tops. Maggie Bishop

Posted by maggiebishop1 at 12:52 PM EST

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